Bromo Tour Package Destinations

Lots of fun activities that we can do with the Bromo Tour Package including enjoying the beautiful charm of the rising sun from climbing, horseback riding around the expanse of grass in Padang Savana and enjoying the beauty of the crater from Mount Bromo which is the main destination of most visitors. Here’s a list of attractions in Bromo that you can explore with your friends or family.

  1. Puncak Penanjakan
  2. Bukit Widodaren
  3. Bukit Kingkong
  4. Bukit Cinta
  5. Kawah Bromo
  6. Pura Luhur Poten
  7. Pasir Berbisik
  8. Savana Bromo
  9. Bukit Teletubbies

If you have found the right time to spend your holiday enjoying Bromo tours with your family or coworkers, look for Bromo Tourism Packages to be able to support accommodation during your tour. This can facilitate our vacation and help us to find interesting spots around Mount Bromo so that it can provide maximum satisfaction for traveling. Indeed, we need to spend a little more money to use services as navigation to explore the beauty of Mount Bromo, but it will pay off even after we can surround Mount Bromo. We can visit tourist attractions in Bromo according to the budget we want to spend. There are several packages that Travel has provided therewith several choices of interesting tourist attractions that we want to visit in Bromo. We can choose a special tour package to witness the beauty of the sunrise or tour packages around in some interesting places in Bromo. Of course, the cost of the tour packages does not burden visitors. Don’t hesitate to use the Bromo Tourism Package service from Travel, which as a partner you enjoy enjoying the beauty of Mount Bromo.
Come on, don’t forget to take a moment to refresh your mind with your beloved family and close friends. Enjoy the Bromo sunset tour package with your relatives. Because many have prepared a travel agenda for tour packages and are flexible because they can still be adjusted again according to your wishes. Immediately contact the customer service to order tour packages so that you can be comfortable with your vacation, guys.

facilities offered are:

  1. Transportation tailored to the number of participants.
  2. Professional drivers are good, friendly, communicative and respectful of customers.
  3. Fuel.
  4. Jeep / Hardtop.
  5. Entrance tickets for all locations on Mount Bromo.
  6. Parking All Locations.
  7. Snack Box.
  8. Fee Driver.
  9. First Aid.
  10. Insurance.
  11. Mask.

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