How to Make a Cool Quote on Android

You might ever see some quotes on your social media and wondered how to make such a quote to be posted on social media. But, first, you have to know what is the quoted. A quote is a unique writing that contains ideas or concepts from someone. Mostly, the quote on the internet is anonymous or there is no name of its creator. However, a quote is still famous until now. If you have known the definition of a quote, now let us get started to make a cool quote on Android with a free application.

Download and Install Quotes Creator

Most of the people say that to make a quote you must have a thousand words on your mind to arrange a beautiful quote. But, not only that. To make your quote is more attractive and interesting to other people by decorating the quotes. Don’t be panic because you can make such a unique quote on your Android. The first step is to download an application name quotes creator on the play store, then install the app. After that, wait a moment until the app is installed on your phone.

Open the Application of Quotes Maker

After the app is installed on your phone, open the application then tap the menu create the quote, tap allow to give your phone access. This application can be changed by the other apps which one is working on the phone.

Make a Background for the Quote

The essential thing of making the quote on your phone is background. You can choose the best background according to your preferences. To make it easier, you must prepare something before do that. You can add your own picture as the background. After that, types the quote you want to make inside the box around the picture. You can adjust the color and font to make it more beautiful.

Shaping the Quote

If you have placed the quote upper the background then you can make a shape around the picture to make it looks bigger and professional. You can adjust the color and size of the font as well.

Save your quote

After you are done with your quote, you can save your own quote and share it with every social media you have. It will make your quote is more popular.

That’s all a brief tutorial of making a unique quote on your phone. You also can make the background with other apps on the play store and watch the tutorial on youtube.